Aberystwyth-based steampunk LRP

The year is 1915.

The Union stands between ordinary men and women and the forces that seek to rip our world asunder; great eldritch horrors dip their tendrils into the affairs of men, rifts form between our world and strange distant places, and strange beings walk the earth.

In the Tower of London the British branch of the Union gathers each month to plan how to defend civilization, seeking out those crimes and strange happenings the government is simply unequipped to face. Since The Devastation Event of 1908 the world has altered previously inalienable truths are no more, creatures exist beyond our imagining, and the world itself works in strange new ways. The incursion of orichalcum, borne on the meteors that wreaked such destruction, and continue to fall intermittently to this day, changed some unknowable quantity and changed our lives forever.

But with the dark is the light; possibilities abound, and humanity is taking advantage of them. Steamtechs create wondrous mechanical constructs, alchemists brew powerful concotions, those with the money to pay for it can change their very flesh to attain a new form of humanity, and those with the touch can commune with spirits and discover truths beyond normal ken.

If you have something to offer, a born talent, hard-won skill or merely the income and inclination, the Union has a place for you.

Do you want to save the world?

What is Orichalcum?

Orichalcum is a steampunk/magipunk alternative history Live Action Role Play game, held in Aberystwyth, and is affiliated with WARPSoc.

We meet on the second Wednesday of every month for an evening of LARP at Brynamlwg. Sessions involve roleplay between characters, and some combat, using latex-coated foam (usually cored) weaponry and NERF guns (re-painted or modified to fit the aesthetic). Linears are held when weather permits, usually on Sundays, at various locations (such as Ynyslas sand dunes, or Penglais forest), and will be announced in advance. Static evening sessions are held at least once a month on mutually convenient dates, and are arranged at the Wednesday sessions or through the facebook group.

To find Brynamlwg, go up past the Arts Centre, past the shiny alien dissection huts, and you'll find a roughly house-sized building with a car park next to it.
If driving, go up Penglais Hill and turn right and then turn right again by the chip shop (just after the entrance for Cwrt Mawr) and it's a little way down on the right. There's a little sign in the verge saying 'Brynamlwg' but it's quite easy to miss if you're not paying attention.

For those of you who prefer maps, it's here.


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